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Competition in the Health Sector

The Commission is in the process of expanding its Act 2 of 2003 to ensure formal market enquiry provisions that would bring about a better understanding of sectors such as the health sector. The Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, Mr Mihe Gaomab explores more on this subject in the article on "Competition in the Health Sector".

Source: New Era,15 May 2014, Page 23

Media Statement on Medical Aid Funds 11 June 2014

In light of the recent media reports on the proposed findings of the Commission with regard to matters related to the medical aid fund sector, the Commission has noted that the information provided to the media was not meant for public consumption until it makes its final decision on the issues that were investigated in the health sector.

NaCC BoN In Spat Over Fuel Cards

NaCC expressed concern over the constraint in the choice of method of payment, as a result of the phased out fuel cards matter.

Source, New Era 19 March 2014

NaCC Reveals Product Prices To Be Monitored

The Commission will focus on scrutinising poultry, maize, wheat, diary and cement products as part of Government's efforts to monitor escalating food and other prices.

Source: Namibian Sun 24 February 2014

NaCC Probes E-Med Over Monopoly

An official complaint was filed with the Namibian Competition Commission against E-Med Rescue Namibia, over alleged market manipulation and monopoly.

Source: The Namibian 30 January 2014

NaCC To Study Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing Sectors

The Commission plans to carry out research into the retail, automotive, franchising and manfucturing sectors to understand how these sectors operate.

Source: The Namibian 29 January 2014

NaCC On UN Trade & Development Peer Review

The Commission embarked on a voluntary peer review of its administering and implementation of the Competition Act 2 of 2003 to ensure efficiency. The peer review was conducted by UNCTAD.

Source: Windhoek Observer 11 November 2013

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