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Economics & Sector Research

Economics & Sector Research (ESR)

The Economics and Sector Research Division is responsible for economic analysis and evaluating the economic impact of competition cases and policy initiatives. This involves providing rigorous economic analysis on cases and investigations in mergers, restrictive conduct. It also provides independent guidance on methodological issues for economics in the application of Namibian competition rules. In addition the division is responsible for conducting market studies or enquiries for informed enforcement of competition law. General market monitoring and knowledge generation from a competition perspective also falls within its ambit.

Additionally, the division is responsible for exploring emerging issues in the area of competition law and advises on the continual revision of the design of the Competition Act. It ensures that the Commission rely on strategic alliances, skills acquisition and networks to tap into best practices of other competition authorities and similar institutions. Finally the division also coordinates the Commission work on national competition policy as well as consumer protection issues.


The division conducts various Market studies or Sectoral Inquiries and engage in work towards the establishment of a microeconomics database to enable the Commission to be a repository of highly valuable and sensitive data on the economic industrial structure of the country.

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Technical Overview

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